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The African mango is indigenous to the Cameroon area in West Africa.  People in Africa have eaten this fruit as part of their daily diet for several years.  In recent times, this miracle fruit has received a lot of attention because it presents many health benefits, as well as benefits in the weight loss arena.  This type of mango produces a highly potent extract that is used when creating the African mango dietary supplement.




This slimming mango is fast gaining global recognition as a great option for those that want to handle their weight loss issues.  This supplement works best on slimming the waistline and the area of the stomach.  It is also a great preventer of such disorders that are associated with weight gain, such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and different diseases of the heart.  Because of its new found popularity, the African mango is being touted in the media as the next big thing in weight loss and weight maintenance.  Read any weight loss forum and the buzz will be about the African mango and its many benefits.  It is even the buzz word in blogs and other media.  Due to all of this hype, scientists have recognized this fruit as a true aid in weight loss maintenance.  African mango is only the second supplement to garner FDA approval for the maintenance of weight.





The extract of the African mango is responsible for weight loss; however, the fruit itself is rich in fiber and other antioxidant properties.  These fibers are great for helping to prevent certain forms of cancer, in developing good amounts of healthy cholesterol, and therefore preventing certain forms of heart disease.  These fibers are also great for your skin and hair, as well as in the prevention of cancer cell development.




Because of the African mango’s potential, scientists are forever conducting studies on how best to market this product.  If you do not like the prospect of taking pills or supplements, you can always simply purchase this fruit at your local grocer.  The fruit can be eaten by itself or you can find many recipes as to how to incorporate this delicious fruit into your cooking repertoire.  Although this will be good and healthy for you, it will not be as potent as taking the supplement which incorporates the pit, known as the Dikka nut, which helps aid in weight loss and management.




When beginning any dietary regimen, it is highly beneficial to limit your intake of foods that are high in sugars and fats.  This way, when taking the African mango supplement, you will obtain the optimum results.  Because African mangoes are natural, they are risk-free.  The history of the African mango is not simply a myth.  As with any fruit, there are many advantages to incorporating this into your diet, but with the added benefit of weight loss. 




In relative terms, the African mango may be the new kid on the block when it comes to weight loss products, but it is the only one to have been approved by the FDA.  This follows in the footsteps of a long line of supplements recently that have promised great results and not delivered, which is enough to make anyone skeptical of a new natural weight loss find.  Also, some of the newer weight loss products have since been removed from the market due to side effects.




African mango was first introduced by a doctor on a popular television show in September of 2010.  People have flocked to purchase this supplement ever since. 




You may be skeptical; that is only natural when so many products do not deliver on their promises; however, African mango has been approved by the FDA, meaning that it truly does work.  African mango supplements make no boastful claims; you still have to exercise and eat right, but with a good routine, African mango can help you shed the pounds that have been lingering around your midsection for a while.  Not only that, but these supplements also help fight fatigue during the middle of the day and also help to boost your level of energy to keep you in top performance all throughout the day. 




The claims that are being made by users of the African mango are nothing short of stupendous.  You simply take one pill twice per day and with food.  You do not have to limit your food intake, simply eat smarter.  No weight loss plan works without exercise, but with African mango, you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.  The African mango supplement does the work for you.




The African mango comes from the lush tropical rainforests of Cameroon.  The villagers there have eaten this fruit for many generations.  They are even responsible for discovering that the nut inside the fruit has great medicinal qualities.  The seeds have been used to treat many different ailments, such as diarrhea.  These villagers attest to the fact of the benefits of these fruits; however, much more scientific research still needs to be done to evaluate all of the healing properties of this fruit.  There have been studies done that show that two groups, one taking the supplement and one taking a placebo, that there are actual truths behind the claims, as the group taking the supplement lost on average twenty eight pounds, while the group taking the placebo lost about a pound.  What is great is that these studies were conducted with no change in anyone’s diet and no exercise.




The medical community has yet to step forward with their evaluation of these claims; however, the proof speaks for itself.  Because this supplement has been approved by the FDA, we can know that it is safe to consume and that it is effective in weight loss and management.  This supplement helps the body to feel fuller longer and prevents the storage of fat in our bodies.  The less fat that is stored in your body, the better you will feel and the lower your cholesterol will be.